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Assistive Technology Guides for Library Patrons with Low Vision

By Evan Miles

April 4, 2019

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This open educational resource is a set of guides for using two models of video magnifiers. The first device is a handheld video magnifier Ruby and the second is a desktop video magnifier Topaz. Both are made by Freedom Scientific. These two devices were recently purchased by Orange County Public Library alongside software and other devices for library patrons with low vision. Both the Hillsborough and Carrboro locations of the library have these video magnifiers available to check out. This open educational resource helps users learn how to use these new additions to the library by providing information about the purpose of these devices, basic operation, and important settings. Included in this open educational resource is an instruction document that explains how to use these devices, a video explanation, and a list of organizations and websites that provide services and information related to vision loss and blindness. Large print versions of each text document is also included. These resources were created while developing a pilot course for the Community Workshop Series, a student organization at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science that teaches workshops at public libraries across Durham and Orange Counties to promote digital literacy in the community. This pilot course was taught by Rachel~Anne Spencer, Whitney Hughes, and Evan Miles at the Carrboro Cybrary. It contained three sections: Windows accessibility settings, iPad accessibility settings and apps, and using video magnifiers.

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