May SMRLA Presentation

Amelia Gibson discussed her library research at the May 16 (10am) meeting of the Southern Maryland Regional Library Association.

Redefining Wellness by Setting Realistic Expectations

Dr. Jasmine Garland McKinney presented “Redefining Wellness by Setting Realistic Expectations” as part of the UNC–Greensboro Trauma Informed and Culturally Responsive Wellness Workshop Series on April 11, 2024. You can download the program PDF here.

Cover of the Practical Playbook III

Innovation in Systems of Postpartum Care

With other BELIEVE collaborators, Dr. Gibson published a chapter on the many social factors that contribute to good postpartum care in The Practical Playbook III: Working Together to Improve Maternal Health. You can find the collected volume here.

Event image for the SSRC event "Media Policy for an Informed Citizenry"

Media Policy for an Informed Citizenry: Revisiting the Information Needs of Communities for Democracy in Crisis

Dr. Gibson was a panelist for a Social Science Research Council, as part of its Media & Democracy program, to discuss how media and current information needs affects the health of democracies. The panel was on April 17; its program information is here.

Logo for the 4th Trimester Project

Prioritizing Black maternal mental health: Learning from the knowledge of experts

Dr. Garland McKinney presented at the North Carolina Maternal Health Innovation Initiative (NC MHI) Learning Community on Postpartum Care for NC Parents, on April 14th, as part of The 4th Trimester Project. You can register to attend on the project webpage.

Book cover of "Cultural Humility in Libraries"

Building connections, crucial conversations & cross-cultural relationships – Twanna Hodge’s chapter on cultural humility in libraries

Twanna Hodge recently coauthored a chapter with Xan Goodman on how librarians can practice cultural humility and address diversity and inclusion issues within libraries and their wider community. The collected volume, Cultural Humility in Libraries: A Call to Action and Strategies for Success can be found here.

Cover for the Journal of Industrial Ergonomics

Birth Journeys: Facilitators and barriers to reproductive healthcare

Dr. Amelia Gibson recently coauthored a paper in the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics on how engineering models for patient safety in healthcare need to better reflect patient needs and to consider social determinants of health. You can read the article here.

Book Cover of "Fostering Wellness in the Workplace"

Cultural humility and workplace wellness: Twanna Hodge writes on DEI in libraries

For a chapter in Fostering Wellness in the Workplace, titled “How Cultural Humility, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Are Essential to Workplace Wellness,” Twanna Hodge analyzes the limits of “cultural competency.” The volume, and Hodge’s chapter, are praised in a recent International Journal of Information, Diversity, and Inclusion book review, which can be found here.

At right, the silhouette of three women in brown, black, and red, over a heart labeled "Justice" and "Care". At lower left is the CEDI logo.

Epistemic Justice, Communities, and Care: CEDI panel on communities in higher-ed

On March 4, Dr. Amelia Gibson moderated a panel on research that centers epistemic justice and consideration for communities and how universities themselves can be a site of epistemic justice (or harm). The panel abstract is here.

The problem with “most people”: Racism and ableism in U.S. COVID-19 public health communication

Dr. Gibson’s coauthored article in the The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science discusses how U.S. public-health communicators have failed to adjust public information efforts to serve marginalized communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. You can read the article here.