With this being my second baby, I knew the birth experience I wanted to have. I delivered my first out of state so I started from ground zero when I got pregnant. I like to think of myself as moderate in my views towards medicine. I am not totally crunchy and natural and I am not totally “go to the doctor every time something happens and get meds.” I knew I needed someone who could give me the emotional support I needed without pressuring me to go a route I wasn’t totally comfortable with. I liked the midwifery route but wasn’t totally convinced I wanted a natural birth. So I posted on a Facebook moms group about midwifes that are open to epidurals and don’t pressure you to deliver natural and one of the most recommended midwifes actually was 10 minutes from me! I headed over to see [provider] and felt an instant connection with her. I loved that the practice had OBs and midwives and seemed like such a tight knit group of caretakers.