I think the most important thing would be taking the time to get to know your patient and giving them lots of information. My biggest complaint with our OBGYN was I never established any relationship with any of the doctors. They want you to see a different person every time. When it came down to having my baby of course I got a doctor I’d never even met before. I felt like she made very little effort to establish any rapport with me and honestly was sometimes down right rude when I asked questions. I didn’t really trust her and honestly I feel like my feelings were validated when exactly what I told her was going to happen happened. The induction stressed my baby from the very beginning. I wanted to go to C-Section which seemed like the plan until all of a sudden she was like let’s wait it out. Then 8 hours later my blood pressure dropped to the point I was incoherent, the baby was struggling and I’m being rushed into the operating room half conscious for c-section. I felt like I had very little control over anything that was going to happen to me and having a doctor I’ve never met make those decisions didn’t provide me much comfort.