My care provider seemed specially trustworthy to me because I had already established medical care with them long before my pregnancy. I felt comfortable with that office and the doctors who operate it. They answered any questions that I had and always treated me with respect, which made them more trustworthy to me. I did not have an experience at that office with someone who I felt was untrustworthy. However, I did have an unfortunate experience at the hospital where I delivered in which I felt that the nurses were not trustworthy. My room was very close to the nurses station and on my second night there, I overheard them gossiping loudly about another patient who was having trouble breastfeeding but was not ready to give her baby formula. They were being very judgmental, and it made me feel uncomfortable about asking them questions or having assist me with my own breastfeeding concerns (and I had plenty of issues breastfeeding!). I even felt that one of the nurses was angry/annoyed when I asked her to come in to address a breastfeeding issue I was having. I was very happy when their shift was over and different nurses were available to help. It definitely soured an otherwise good experience at the hospital.